The Field Of Psychology And Leadership Coaching Essay

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The field of psychology can open the doors of a various amount of career opportunities, but the overall outcome is determined by the individual. Within this paper, one will discuss future goals that will be actively placed into action to achieve a successful career within the field of psychology and leadership coaching. Impacting the Field of Psychology "Executive coaching is a class of interventions defined by a one-to-one relationship in which the coach and coachee work together to identify and achieve organizationally, professionally, and personally beneficial developmental goals"(Coultas & Salas, 2015, p. 298). As a leadership coach one goals is to strive towards making a an impact in the lives of individuals who are striving to make life changes on a professional/personal level. Making such an impact will assist individuals with connecting with his/her inner most desires needed to achieve specific goals to assist with life changes. In order to carry out set goals there has to be a plan of action set in place, followed by the willingness to carry out each goal step-by-step. Areas of Passion One 's passion and interest originate from the desire to get into the mindset of others, by discussing specific issues at hand, while assisting him/her with bringing some type of resolution. to the problem. Psychology allows the coach the ability to create an area acceptance…

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