Essay on The Fight Over Reproductive Rights

1681 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
The fight over reproductive rights has been a struggle that women have dealt with for centuries. Women’s reproductive rights include but are not limited to the rights to unrestricted access to birth control and the right to abortions. The issue with women’s reproductive rights is that they are being threatened to be taken away. In a video produced by PBS Frontline, the problem concerning the restrictions on the rights of women’s reproduction, this video explains the many restrictions placed on abortion to “regulate” abortion; these regulations are allowed so long as they don’t place “undue burden” on women who want an abortion (Last Abortion Clinic 4). Due to abortions being a highly controversial topic, many restrictions have been placed on abortions since they became legal again. Since abortions were legalized in 1973, due to the Roe vs. Wade case, there have been hundreds of laws that restrict the access of abortions. In the recent years the pro-life movement has drastically altered the view on abortion in politics. “In Mississippi alone, [the pro-life movement] helped pass 10 laws regulating abortion”(Last Abortion Clinic 7). Currently there are also many bills that are being taken into consideration in order to restrict not only the access to abortions, as well as contraceptives. Although abortions are currently legal, women’s reproductive rights still need a long way to go. Women who seek abortions should have full access to them without being questioned as much as…

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