Essay about The Five Kinds Of Contact Boundary Phenomena

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1. Explain the five kinds of contact boundary phenomena in Gestalt Counseling and give examples for each. Gestalt therapy is grounded in the here and now concept. Cognitive distortions are the core of cognitive-behavioral. The therapist’s goal is to help the client learn different behaviors in psychotherapy. The five different kinds of contact boundary disturbances are introjection, projection, retroflection, deflection, and confluence. Introjection is defined as the inclination to accept others’ beliefs and standards, but without understanding them, and to make the beliefs fit their lifestyle. An example of this is when; my son is threatened at school. He takes on the strong-defender, as an attribute of his father and push away the bully. Projection is described as an individual who struggle with their own emotions and credited to someone else. For instance, I had a tiresome day at work. I returned home and suggest to my husband that he looked tired, maybe should get some rest. Retroflection is also considered a defense mechanism, it means directing an impulse or behavior on to you, when it should be directed to others. For example, when I upset with my supervisor, and become very annoyed with myself for not addressing the issue or real problem. Deflection is ignoring or turning away from the issue with sarcasm or answering a question with a question. An example of this behavior can be identified, when I ask my husband a serious question, and instead of responding…

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