The Flora And Fauna By Jared Diamond Essay

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Jared Diamond’s article on the flora and fauna illustrates the belief that true knowledge is apparent when a person has the ability to widen their educational experience by applying what he or she has learned. This idea parallels with William Perry’s theory which mentions that a knowledgeable man needs to be able “to understand ‘how other fellow orders knowledge’” since “’facts,’… without a frame of reference, are not even ‘true’ at all” (Perry 549). Woven in Diamond’s This-Fellow Frog Name Belong-Him Dawko, he learns lessons that support the ideology that knowledge is created through hands on experience. There are several lessons Diamond learns. The primary lesson Diamond learns validates Perry’s ideology towards gaining knowledge; the core includes the differences between what he has read versus his physical experiences. Thus, there is a strong relationship binding Diamond’s experience of learning in New Guinea and Perry’s belief towards obtaining knowledge. Diamond’s knowledge, obtained solely from his education in the United States, has failed him the moment he attempts to challenge the Fore. Ignorantly relying on what he has learned from his education, he choose not to trust, initially, the Fore’s knowledge. He was convinced that his research was the universal truth, and to his surprise he was incorrect. Trying to express his ideas from textbooks, Diamond “patiently explained to [his] companions that [he] had read about some mushrooms being poisonous” and that he…

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