Essay on The For The Development Of Alternatives

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For the Development of Alternatives with these specific issues is one the lack of marketing. I know and I understand that’s not their way of doing things, but they really do need to put together something that’s going to work to get the proper word out. Of course as a student the obvious fix here is to start spending the resent billion dollars they just made on an aggressive marketing campaign. The aggressiveness I would start out with is TV, lots and lots of TV ads. Then go into radio on just the most popular stations. Even Pandora Radio has spot ads and the chemical ad as your station plays. During any of these ads to really get the buzz around I would offer a code for free shipping. Zappo’s doesn’t make any money off of its shipping charges, but at the same time they can afford to do this for at least a month of not two. This will increase its popularity away form Amazon.

The second thing that I would love to do with Zappo’s, but I feel they are institutionalized, is buy themselves back from Amazon. A lot of companies these days the once merged have not bought themselves out from the merger. Then they become industry standards. Same this happened with Charles Schwab after they bought themselves back from Bank of America. Now Schwab is one of the largest financial firms in the country and they have a very similar culture with Zappo’s. Only thing is Zappo’s seems to be hiding under the shadow of Amazon. If this glorified online shoes store is to become something great…

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