The French And Indian War Essay

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Following the conclusion of The French and Indian War, England was faced with a at least two problems pertaining to her North American colonies that needed to be addressed. The first of which was how to recover from the burden of an enormous amount of debt that had befallen on England secondary to their war efforts. The second was how to control and govern the newly gained territories gained from the French with the treaty of 1763. England’s answer to these two problems for came in the form of numerous social and economic constraints such as taxes, acts, and programs imposed on the colonists in an effort to establish greater control. Ultimately however, England’s efforts to gain greater control were unsuccessful largely due to leading the colonists to believe that England was encroaching on their believed right for fair representation and self-governing, and the final result was uniting the colonists against a common enemy in what eventually would become The American Revolution. Throughout the nine-year duration of the French and Indian War, Britain accumulated a massive amount of debt. Many in England believed that since the war was mainly for the benefit of the colonists, the colonists should assist in the effort to reduce that debt. Due to popular belief that the colonists would not be willing to assist by their own free will, England decided to force the colonists to contribute financially through a series of unilateral decisions with no representation from the…

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