The Freudian Revolution Or New Psychology Essay

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Many great minds over the past years have effected in us changes in how we think or look at society’s viewpoints. Philosophy, Religion, and Literature were all impacted by many great individuals over the years in ways that would change the way we view these subjects. The Freudian Revolution or New psychology brought about by Sigmund Freud was one of the many that brought new light to the way of thinking. Freud had strong views on Philosophy, religion, and also greatly impacted literature. Multiple manifestations are still available today due to the works of the Freudian revolution. Sigmund Freud was known to have many controversial viewpoints. His philosophical but radical nature drew attention to his works in the researching of the mind. He was the forefather of psychoanalysis and deeply studied his own psyche. Freud was considered a revolutionary in the world of psychology, and today his works are still looked upon as having great weight in the psychology field. Gordon Marino, in an article from the New York Times, explains Freud’s philosophical view in his work “Civilization and its Discontents.” Marino says in his article: Freud maintained that our psyches are layered. As he explained it, much as Rome is built upon the ruins of past Rome’s, our emotions are stratified: what is past and below lives on and informs what is above, even if we refuse to acknowledge it. This law of the inner life also applies in telling ways to how we relate to so-called…

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