The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee William Essay

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Author’s always find a way to add characters to a story that are trying to run away from something. Whether it be an emotional escape, like doing something that relieves the character of stress, or a physical escape of leaving someone or something and never looking back. The author will throw in tiny examples that at the surface may not seem like a getaway, but turns out to be a very clear moment of the character using whatever it is to forget about their stresses. In Tennessee William’s playwright The Glass Menagerie, each character has their own way of escaping from reality and finding a way to cope with their chaotic life. Since every character has his/her own way of somewhat abandoning the problems in life, Williams made the mother Amanda’s the least evident. She finds a way out of the troubles in her life by throwing herself into her children’s even though they are uneventful. However, she tries to make them eventful by pushing them to move out of their comfort zone and make changes in their lives. Her daughter is terribly shy and does not even want to think about dating any men. But Amanda thinks otherwise, “stay fresh and pretty! It’s almost time for our gentlemen callers to start arriving. How many do you suppose we’re going to entertain this afternoon?” (1.84-89). Evidently she is pushy and expects much from her daughter even though she knows her condition. It is very obvious that Amanda is overbearing towards Tom and Linda. Amanda has troubles that she has never…

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