The Global Dispute Of Human Rights Essay

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The global quarrel concerning the meaning of human rights has occurred since the establishment of human rights in 539 B.C. by Cyrus the Great. Fast-forwarding from Babylon in the 6th century B.C. to the 21st century, human rights have become the prominent discussion and disputed topic in societies around the world. With a greater global understanding of fundamental human rights, people have become more passionate about and devoted to the adherence of human rights. With this, more people around the world are also noticing a lack in human rights that are relative to current needs. Greater attention and awareness from international communities has resulted in a call for the creation of more human rights that are currently being neglected. Despite the global plea for human rights, they are relentlessly debated around the world. The meaning of human rights is contested for several reasons. The first reason why the meaning of human rights is contested is state sovereignty. According to author Debra DeLaet, state sovereignty is defined as “the exclusive right of a State to govern the affairs of its inhabitants and to be free from external control” (DeLaet, 2006, 3). Having freedom from external control allows a state to implement its own policies or government type. With this, countries with tyrannies or dictatorships have the protection from international law to commit their choice of actions or implement their choice of policies regardless of the potential harm. For example, in…

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