The Government Set Up Fusion Centers On The United States Essay

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These misplaced priorities from counterterrorism authorities seem to have become more severe during the Obama administration. Protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement have faced absurd levels of surveillance, including undercover officers assigned to infiltrate their gatherings and to entrap them in illegal activities. The government sets up fusion centers on the fringes of their protests in which multiple agencies, such as FBI and Department of Homeland Security, team up with private companies to share information about the protestors. Considering the grand scale of this kind of intelligence sharing, it’s astounding that the FBI withheld information about a sniper that plotted to kill specific leaders of the Occupy Houston movement. Kade Crockford of the ACLU astutely pointed out that if the situation were reversed then the FBI would have warned obviously Wall Street bankers if they had been the target of an assassination plot.
Likewise, environmental activists have faced groundless scrutiny. In 2010 the FBI’s Inspector General reported that members of Greenpeace had been investigated by the bureau for as many as five years “without adequate basis.” Similarly, an investigative journalist, Will Potter, who focuses on environmental and animal rights issues, was subjected to another baseless FBI investigation. He was even threatened with being placed on a domestic terrorist watch list if he refused to spy on various protest groups. The list of these types of abuses…

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