The Great And Mighty Heracles, And All Of His Great Adventures

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Heracles and Nessus

We have all heard of the great and mighty Heracles, and all of his great adventures. This one myth grabs my attention because of the particular literary representation of the myth. All the stories and myth that we have hear about Heracles have always been of his accomplishment, like when he completed the twelve labors. This particular myth got my attention because, I have never heard of the myth of Heracles death. In Greek mythology the poetic and graphic representation do not necessarily represent each other, but appreciating a Greek vase with a particular literary work in mind enhance experience. The vase paint doesn’t always tell you the whole story, but it helps picture what is actually going on in that one moment that is painted on the vase
This myth is about the events that lead to the death of Heracles. He first heard the name of the women that would lead to his demise in the underworld Deianira. Once he got out the underworld, he went out to look for Deianira she lived in Aetolia. In Aetolia he found her, but he had to fight for the right to take her as his wife and marry her. He won the battle and took Deianira to Trachis, where a king offered his hospitality. On their way to trachis they had to cross a river Heracles swam across easily, his wife took the centaur ferry. The centaury assaulted deianira because he was incanted by her beauty, so Heracles shot a poison arrow and killed him. Before he died he told her to take his blood and give…

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