The Great Flag From England 's Red, White And Blue Drawn Up With Stars

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From the great flag deriving from England’s red, white and blue drawn up with stars and more stripes than its counterpart binding a culture together to a government idealizing Grecian democracy with a mix of the Roman Republic, the United States of America is missing an explanation for those approximately 321.3 million persons (United States Census) falling under the global identity of “American”. The new definition of an “American” is now synonymous with personality traits and ancestry, “loud, blunt, 25% Belgian and 75% French”, but the old definition was a rebel who sought out opportunity, creativity in religion or ideals, or even happiness.
Opportunity is a fickle idea in most countries, even America. American history is full of rags to riches stories from Oprah Winfrey, spiritual mentor and superstar talk show host who was once named the richest woman in America, (Academy of Achievement) to Forever 21’s Do Won Chang, man who left Korea with his wife in 1981 to find opportunity in America worked three jobs to barely make ends meet until he opened his first store with his wife. (Forbes) These are just a few who sought out opportunity in America whether they migrated or they were born here under extenuating circumstances. The belief rings true in all Americans. It takes a different perspective to manage success and opportunity, John Smith saw this in 1605 and mapped it, George Washington, William Howe, and Richard Montgomery saw this and manned the revolt for it. The land…

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