Essay about The Great Greek Of Plato

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The learning link I have chosen is on the great Greek philosopher Plato. Plato accomplished many things in his life, from inspiring the Christian religion to his influential political views. His life contributed to the study of philosophy in so many ways. Plato demonstrated two of the four classical greek virtues in his lifetime--courage and prudence; Although he may have lived centuries ago, his life and virtues relate to me in various ways. Plato, which means the broad one, showed signs of the virtue courage (2007). Once his teacher, Socrates passed away, he set out into the world on his own for twevle years. Having the courage to leave your home and venture out into the world is scary, not many people have the guts to leave behind their loved ones and set out into the unknown for such a long time (2007). Especially in a time like that when there were no phones, and communication was difficult. It had to be ten times harder to leave home! He also fought in the Corinthian War, and even escaped from slavery (2007). Someone who does not show signs of bravery could never get through those types of things and then go back home to live out the rest of his life. In my eyes getting through the death of someone who changed your outlook on life, fighting in a war, and becoming enslaved only to escape from it, is one courageous life! You have to have a particular mindset in order to overcome obstacles such as those. Being that he his a philosopher, it is only right that Plato…

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