Essay on The Great Philosopher And Creator Of The Constitution

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There are many different types of government that receive power from different sources. Fareed Zakaria wrote an article about the types of governments and how they are being used today called, “The Rise of Illiberal Democracy.” Government is a system that tries to distribute the power fairly within a country. A government that has multiple parties is called a democracy. Different parties represent how the government should be run best for the people. It has been proven in the past that a liberal system protects individual freedom. There is also not one source of power compared to an illiberal system. Everyone will not always get what each person desires in order to satisfy the people’s needs. The great philosopher and creator of the constitution, James Madison, believe that “all men are evil,” so there must be a system to control the temptation that desires more power.
The population of a country creates a government by freely and fairly electing qualified people to represent each state to develop the government, which is called a democracy (Zakaria, 1997). There are two systems in a democracy: liberal and illiberal. Both systems have multiple competitive parties and holds fair elections where majority rules. Liberalism is structured in such a way to protect the citizens’ freedom, while illiberalism does not secure freedom. As an example, the United Sates is a liberal democracy because the Constitution protects the liberties of the citizens.
A liberal democracy is a…

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