The Greatest Players Of Athletes Essay

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One commonality among athletes is the belief that they are the best in the world in their respective sport. This type of mentality is the main reason sports are so competitive. Michael Jordan said that he didn 't think he was the greatest basketball player in the world, he just played like he was. Muhammad Ali told the world that he was the greatest before he proved it. Serena Williams dominates ladies tennis because she expects to win every time she steps on the court. Vince Lombardi underscored this philosophy when he said, Winning isn 't everything, it is the only thing. In sports the only metrics used to define success is winning championships. Anything short of achieving that goal is considered a failure. Many of the greatest coaches in sports were fired for not enough championships or win the big games. Bobby Bowden, the winningest coach in college football history, was forced to retire from Florida State when they stopped winning championships. Phillip Fulmer, former head coach at Tennessee won seventy-five percent of his games including a national title, but losing records against Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, ended his 35 year career at his alma mater. I will be the first to admit that it 's not fair, but that’s the nature of the beast.
When it comes to achieving your goals and dreams you need to have the same temperament. It doesn 't have to be as competitive as Jordan or Ali 's, but your will to succeed should be firmly fixed in your psyche to the point where it…

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