Essay about The Guide Of European Convention On Human Rights

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The guide of European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR), Human Right Act by Access to Justice(A2J) advice service

Introduction and history of European Convention on Human Rights

- The European Convention on Human Rights ' (Short form: ECHR) full name is the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
- ECHR Signed in Rome in 4th November, 1950 under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Entered into force in 3rd September, 1953[ Aisha Gani,‘What is the European convention on human rights?’(3rd October 2014)<> accessed 24 December 2014 ].
- All the member states of the Council of Europe are the states parties of the Convention[ Parliamentary Assembly,‘RESOLUTION 1031 (1994) on the honouring of commitments entered into by member states when joining the Council of Europe’<> accessed 3 January 2015].
- The ECHR is the first regional international human rights treaties.

Introduction and history of the Human Rights Act(1998) (Short form: HRA)

- United Kingdom was one of the founding member of the ECHR[ University of Leeds,‘The European Convention on Human Right’(October 1998)<>accessed 24 December 2014]. However, the Convention was not applicable in UK domestic court before…

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