Essay on The Heart Of The Hospital Services

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Hospitals were initially for the poor, however they have evolved as the center of the system with primary technology and have became a highly specialized hub for an assortment of health care activities that reach outside of its brick and mortar to encompass the community, affiliating with other institutions/providers thus providing complex care to critically ill along with an array of outpatient services (Williams & Torrens, 2008). The heart of the hospital services is to provide acute care but provide ambulatory care thereby providing services with a complex base of patient care, higher acuity and higher cost (Williams & Torrens, 2008). Most hospital’s are either for-profit (focusing on operating efficiency at the expense of quality care) or not-for-profit (outcomes-focused that emphasizes productivity/efficiency while maintain high levels of quality) but each has faced financial challenges over the years due to the cut backs in insurance payments (Blizzard, 2002). In addition, hospital stay for an acute episode is an average 4-5 days for patients under 65 years old (Williams & Torrens, 2008). The number of hospitals across the United States has decreased from 7,165 in 1975 to 5,764 in 2003and the largest percentage are community nonprofit hospitals that function under special provisions of corporation law in each state and federal/state tax provisions that realize their service to the community and uninsured while being the largest employer in most areas (Williams &…

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