Essay on The Heart Of The Texas Heart Institute

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Scavenger Hunt II
2. The Texas Heart Institute
Dear uncle, you have heart disease so you need to take better care of yourself. You need to seek medical care now so that your health problems do not get worse. Not only do you need to seek out care now, it has to be good-quality care so that you get better. I recommend that you visit the Texas Heart Institute. This is a well-known medical center. Its mission is to “reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease” (Texas Heart Institute, 2015).
The Institute accomplishes its mission through education, research, and (as a result of the former two initiatives) improved patient care. Uncle, if you go to the Texas Heart Institute for your condition, you will receive world-class medical care from a team of providers (Texas Heart institute, 2015). You will also have access to the latest medical technologies. The medical center was also ranked among the best hospitals for cardiology in 2013 by US News & World Report (Texas Heart Institute, 2015). The Institute is also a teaching hospital, so its medical staff stays up-to-date on health care news and knowledge because they are training people that will be future doctors and health care professionals. Uncle, this is the place to go for your medical condition. The Texas Heart Institute is one-of-a-kind, and its medical staff help get you better; so go to them. Retrieved from on 3 June 2015.
3. LDS Hospital
LDS is a general hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. It…

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