Essay on The High Demand For Nurses After World War II

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Nursing practice can be achieved by a nurse achieving an ADN degree or a BSN degree as evidenced by the ability to pass the NCLEX and be able to perform the required skills of a nurse. Yet, the nursing profession has been wanting RNs for the past 4 decades to have baccalaureate-degrees and it continues to do research to justify the cost of educating the nursing population to have higher degrees which is believed to be beneficial to patient care.
The high demand for nurses after World War II and the funding for hospitals throughout the country opened a demand for more nurses. Motivated by this increase in demand and the lack of supply, the inception of the ADN program at the community college level was proposed by Dr. Mildred Montag. She received funding to start six programs at community colleges in different states. The intent was to teach nursing technicians to fill the need for nurses in growing hospital needs, innovations in surgery and a charging health care system. The ADN nurses were to fill the roles of technicians and management and leadership roles would be filled by BSN nurses.
As the continuing demand for nurses grew the ADN curriculum also grew to include leadership courses to the program which was incorporated starting in the 1960’s. This made it very difficult to distinguish, in the work setting, the difference between the ADN trained nurse and the BSN trained nurse. The program that had been strictly a two year program from start to finish had turned…

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