The History Of School Psychology Essay

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The History of School Psychology School psychology is considered to be a relatively new field. It emerged in the late 1800’s and is still rapidly growing and changing today. Currently school psychologists are professionals who work with children to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally. They work alongside of other school professionals as well as parents to help make the learning environment one that will foster each need of the child to help them to be successful. Today, in order to be a school psychologist one must obtain either their doctorate/ terminal degree or a master’s degree plus 30 credits (masters plus 30), and must attain either a license or a certificate. However, school psychology did not become this way over night; it was a field that has been growing for over 100 years. The historical development of school psychology can be divided into two time periods. The first is the Hybrid years that went from 1890 up to 1969. The ending of the hybrid years brought the start of the Thoroughbred years that started in 1970 and is the time period that we are still currently in. Since its start in 1890 to present day, school psychology was been growing and changing, and it is not expected to stop growing and changing in the future. The start of the Hybrid years in 1890 was the birth of the field of school psychology. The hybrid years are known as being a time when school psychology was a combination of several types of educational and psychological…

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