The Horrors Of A Slave Ship Essay

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The article, “the horrors of a slave ship” is about a period in the history of America when ships were taken into captivity, especially when they challenged the commercial revolution of Europe. The men inside the ships were chained on the middle deck of the ship. In the ship was a gun room that encompassed weapons. These men used the enslaved African children to slip tools to them so that they could sneak into the gun room and obtain the weapons. The weapons were used in the battle between the Africans and the Americans. During the battle between the Africans and Americans, many were killed. The battle took more than an hour before things became difficult for the men in the ship. When the battle became inevitable, the men in the ship set fire on the gun powder, burning everything, including themselves. The men preferred to die to the troubles they faced in the slave ship. In this article, the author tries to analyze the literature of human history. The literature is said to be tracking the origins, scale, flows, and the voluminous slave trade. The profits of forced greatest migration are also reflected. The slave ship was the equipment that facilitated the commercial revolution of Europe and always remained on the margins of public and scholarly consciousness from which eyes could not be averted. The slave ship also creates a history that is readable, elegant, and entirely horrifying. The article is believed to be a painful book that the reader may not be able to forget…

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