The Human Population Essay

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I believe that the human population is on it’s way to reaching carrying capacity and we as a nation will continue to grow exponentially and we will exhaust our resources inevitably. There is no one who knows exactly when the human population will exceed all resources but scientists are able to predict what the limit is and what would happen. As of 2011 scientists estimated that the maximum carrying capacity for the world would be around 9-10 billion people. The problem with so many humans inhabiting the earth means a limited amount of freshwater available and a very limited amount of food available (Wolchover). As many as 200 years ago
Density dependent survival factors would include using sustainable energy, as in solar power or wind power. A great need for land will be needed if the population becomes so large. The land will be needed for growing crops, not for the use of animals as they will not sustain a life of 10 billion people. People will need to start eating a vegetarian lifestyle because grains will be the only thing logical to create space for to feed the world. It would be a good idea to start building vertically as to have more land for growing crops if the population were starting to get to large for the planet to sustain (Wolchover).
Not only is running low on the food supply a challenge but global warming will be a factor as well. As the population grows it’s only plausible that the more resources will be needed. An increase in everything will take place.…

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