The Human Right Violation Of South Africa Essay

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During 1948 until 1991, the majority of the South African population suffered from tortures, human rights violation and social and cultural racism problems. At the moment, the total population of South Africa was twenty nine million people and only around four or five million had rights and lived in good conditions; of course these four to five million people were whites, who where the ones that had power over black population and tortured them.
Due to this era and previous ones who influenced apartheid to exist, social and cultural problems developed within South African society, that are still present today but with less intensity.
Gail Hovey, the research director of the African Fund in New York, focused on the human right violation that occurred during Apartheid in 1983. It is apparent that with the brutal repression and social segregation that this population lived was a violation of human rights; even though, sometimes we do not perceive all the many aspects and privileges that were violated, and nowadays is just common sense to us. Regarding the political aspects, the right to vote was restricted to black people; the political system was commanded by whites, which means that laws, regulations and elections was racially influenced. The land Act in 1913 is one of the most common issues known, whites and blacks were completely separated and blacks would be sent to the named homelands to work sometimes until death; eighty seven percent of the territory belonged to…

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