Essay on The Humanistic Approach On Psychology And Counselling

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The humanistic approach
The humanistic approach was initially developed as a therapy and its theories are not accepted in mainstream psychology. However, it has made a marked influence on clinical psychology and counselling. It believes individuals have free will rather than being influenced by external forces. It is optimistic as it assumes that people have the choice to choose their own destiny and they endeavour to achieve their potential for psychological growth within the confines of any individual limitations. It believes that free will is a vital part of our subjective experience of ourselves. Therefore, one of the strengths of the humanistic approach is that it emphasizes individual choice and responsibility. It satisfies most people 's idea of what being human means because it values personal ideals and also provides researchers with a flexible framework for observing human behaviour because it considers a person in the context of his environment and in conjunction with his personal views and feelings.
The humanistic theory have rejected the scientific method of studying people as it believes it is inappropriate. It argues that detached and objective observers cannot understand the depth of human behavior. It refers to the individual as the expert who can really explain their own behaviour. Unlike many scientific psychologists who support the idea that human behavior is a collection of separate mechanisms, the humanist approach argues that it is…

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