The Ideal Body Representation Should Be And It Essay

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When speaking of body image and the media, first thing that comes to mind is how our bodies should be portrayed to keep up with new trends and body styles. This is shown simply through all sorts of magazine outlets, some such as vibes, Herbalife, victory secret, fashion and GQ. Media has a great way in portraying what the ideal body representation should be and it is mainly advertised through most of our icons and celebrities. In the process of constructing my consciousness raising group, participants Charles, Tone, Chris, Kellie and Lisa observed those magazines announced. Following the 5-10 minutes observing, it came to a clear conclusion that everyone had agreed that bodies were represented as a “perfect body”. My participants expressed this phrase simply to the way how magazines advertise how to get the perfect ab muscles, chisel legs and for females a flat stomach. Also including ads on beauty and the way to keep looking glamorous such as hair products, clothing and perfume. The ideal figure for the body my participants describe is always to be followed by what we see instead of accepting your body and being happy. They express how instead of being satisfied with our figures we fall in to the magazine advertisements on how to get that perfect six pack like our favorite sports player or model. This is allowed because of what we see in the media only thing that change is the people viewed. Mostly popular celebrities that we may look up to or support. The girl participants…

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