The Impact Of Social Media On Social Communication Essay

1739 Words Jun 19th, 2016 null Page
Social media has become a buzzword for not only American consumers, but also the business environment (Jacobsen, 2015). Businesses are turning to various social media channels to create brand awareness or to increase sales. Social media can also be powerful and lucrative due to messages going viral quickly, reaching thousands of prospective and existing customers (Klein, 2011). Businesses should be aware that the communication tools on social media are a valuable and important addition to conventional communication methods. Businesses need to develop a comprehensive social media communication strategy that includes best practices in their approach to “effectively leveraging social media platforms” (Chaturvedi, n.d., para.1) to derive the maximum benefit from their social media initiative. When businesses are developing their comprehensive social media communication strategy, they must determine the social media platform that best aligns with their goals and objectives as a business (Arruda, 2013). There are several different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. When determining a platform businesses must decide the best social media form that allows the business to meet its organization goals as well as add value to the business. In addition to determining the correct social media platform, businesses must identify how to organize and apply the platform to achieve the objectives and goals of the business (Mayfield III,…

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