Essay about The Importance Of A Better English Student

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How to become a better English Student

Have you ever wondered how you’re going to do in a class and the result you end up with? Well that’s my exact thought when signing up for English 111. I had already taken this course once and things didn’t go as well as I thought they would. I started off pretty good and knew I was going to pass, but at the end of the semester I guess me and the teacher had a different outlook on how well I did. Let’s just say English is not my favorite subject and has never been. I knew the second time taken it, I had to do better and that was my ultimate goal for English 111 this semester. This semester has shown me that I need to stay more focused, come to class and not procrastinate. Those are the three top things I struggle with all my classes but especially in English. But overall I did fairly well this semester, not exactly what I expected but better than previous semesters.
In the beginning of this semester things didn’t start the way I wanted them to. The first week is always easy. You’re teacher explains things that she expects in the class, things that are needed to be done and lastly how to pass the specific course. Let me begin with explaining my participation throughout this semester. Now that we are ending the semester I wish I would have participated a little more. Throughout the semester I missed more days than I expected. Many people don’t understand that attendance plays a major role in participation. Everyone just…

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