The Importance Of A High Performance Teacher Essay

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Learning Theory

To be comfortable is to have a sense of ease and relaxation physically and emotionally (Macmillian, 2009). Some people think to be an expert at any profession is to feel comfortable in what you are doing. I believe this to be false. For someone to perform highly in their careers, they have to be constantly on edge (Laureate., 2013a). Seeking out new techniques and strategies to improve their performance. Continuously observing and reflecting on their performances, so they can improve in the future. Therefore, I believe that to become a high performance teacher, it takes being active and energize. Knowing that everything that teachers do is a time for teaching and learning. The way we communicate with other adults, communicate with students; the way we dress, and carry ourselves are all apart of creating a healthy and productive learning environment.
In my belief that environmental influences play a tremendous role in a child’s learning and absorbing information, it is apparent that my teaching practice resonates with Behaviorism Theory. My classroom environment leans towards the social learning aspect of the Behaviorism Theory. Through my teaching, I practice that all students’ behaviors are caused by external stimuli (Learning Theories, 2011). I believe that by modeling correct social cues, manners, and self-respect leads to students observing and practicing the same behavior.
Some examples of practice Behaviorism in my classroom is the constant…

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