Essay on The Importance Of A Marriage Relationship With God

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I love seeing older couples holding hands, showing signs of love, commitment, and affection. It fills me with hope when I see couples enjoying life and love. The other day, I saw a beautiful older couple strolling around in the streets of Venice. They were probably in their early 80’s and still together. They had the look of lifelong friends who had seen their share of troubles, but had become stronger because of the experiences they’d shared together. That’s the way marriage is occasionally. There are some struggles, but like a strong friendship it can weather the storms of life.
Like the scriptures say, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”-James 1:17
Another factor in the development of a marriage relationship that can provide stability is our relationship with God. At times, the quality of our marriage may wane, and that’s when the Holy Spirit can come alongside us to help us improve the relationship. The truth is that marriage is a gift given by God. It is an institution created by Him. It’s a good and perfect gift that comes from a loving Father that wants the best for us. God’s Word says that he who finds a wife finds favor before God. It also says that Jesus came to give us abundant life.
John 10:10 states that Satan, God’s enemy came to lie, kill and destroy. That has been his plan from the beginning of creation, but Jesus came to give us abundant live.

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