Essay on The Importance Of A Struggling Reader Psychology

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After accomplishing my individual case study, I realized that it has helped me have a great understanding of a struggling reader psychology. I have noticed that there are many factors that interfere with the child’s reading ability that is not solely based on his/her intelligence. If a child is struggling in reading, I need to take into consideration what factors may be affecting the child. For example, I should be aware that if there are any medical conditions/disabilities that may be affecting the child’s learning process such as learning disability or speech delays. In addition, I should also consider if a child is developmentally ready and able to handle the reading skills that are being taught to him.
This understanding will influence my future practice as a teacher because it will allow me to carefully examine what individual factors may be affecting a struggling reader. I will keep in mind that just because one is having difficulties in reading, it does not mean that the child is not able to learn. Therefore, this understanding will also motivate and influence me in my future practice. I will carefully examine my student’s individual needs so that I can differentiate my instruction to help struggling readers. During the completion of my case study, I found new strategies to implement as a teacher. This project has helped me to find resources to use as a teacher of literacy particularly for students with reading problems. I will begin my strategy to help a struggling…

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