The Importance Of Accreditation Promotes Quality Education, Greater Accountability, And Student Performance

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Delimitations/ Limitations
This proposal will not validate whether or not accreditation promotes quality education, greater accountability, and student performance. It will not recommend changes to the ACCJC’ standards or assess its capability to accredit a college. The study is limited to the nine LACCD colleges and the primary source of information includes newsletters and memorandums published by the ACCJC.

Literature Review
This proposal will mirror the research design and conducted by Elizabeth Vitullo and Jason Johnson in “University presidential rhetoric and the 2008-2009 economic crisis”. The authors chose to use a qualitative document analysis in order to understand the major themes and document themes University Presidents shared with their constituents. After reviewing 160 letters created by 60 University presidents during FY 2008-2009, the authors were able to categorize 22 different themes in their communication with students, teachers, and the community.
Graph 1 illustrates the steps and procedures in order to maintain their accreditation. According to the Commission’s June 2014 memorandum colleges are required to maintain the following four standards at all times: 1) Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and integrity 2) Student Learning Programs and Support Services 3) Resources 4) Leadership and Governance (ACCJC, 2014). If they are unable to meet one of the Commissions standards, the college will receive a sanction that…

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