The Importance Of Balancing A Job, Home Life Essay

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Balancing a job, home life,school time and managing your schedule can be a very daunting task. This may be more difficult to handle for some individuals rather than others, but getting organized is the key to keeping balance in your life. Anyone can sustain a balance in their life, it is just a matter of self motivation and perseverance. Finding time to study, maintaining good health, and making time for yourself will ultimately show in your schoolwork as well as your personal life.
Finding time to study is always hard; Between working, and family time, there are times when someone 's intentions to study might be hindered by other tasks that may seem more important. When getting organized, make sure to write down all of your exam dates, you should also designate specific times for studying and record any homework assignments. Having an academic plan of action and goals will make you more prepared and less likely to procrastinate. Writing any important dates and deadlines in an agenda can help keep you on track to achieve your goals. Another great tool in this age of technology is a phone calendar to organize dates, assignments and goals. Along with my personal dates such as doctor’s appointments, I also keep my schoolwork organized in my phone. When I know that I have to do an exam or have a paper written by a certain date I keep reminders in my phone’s calendar. If it wasn’t for the calendar on my phone i wouldn 't remember the many important dates in my busy…

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