The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence During Military Operations With Partner Nations

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In this assignment, I will discuss my preparation techniques in order to spend time among other cultures, customs and courtesies learned in order to enhance relationships while in contact with them, and how this influenced functions of my organization. Emotional intelligence as well as language and cultural skills are necessary to build the continuity, competence, and habitual relationships so critical in military operations with partner nations. However, the pace of training and deployments makes it a challenge to fully understand and adapt to other cultures. In order to truly understand them, research must be conducted long before the initial meet and greet during a deployment or exercise. In 2009 there was a surge of troops in Afghanistan that I would be a part of. I was a very wide-eyed, new member of my organization, who was ready to hit the ground running. At that time, I took a step back and became very familiar with the culture of the Afghanistan populous so that I could form a bond with the locals and gain their trust. I read every book I could get my hands on, and delved into their conflicts of the past. I interviewed numerous individuals who had been to the country, and gathered all the information from them that I could. We would be conducting a mission termed “Village Stability Operations,” a very high-risk task. We would live among the Afghan citizens at no real military base or instillation, immersing ourselves in their lifestyle. This was in hopes…

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