Essay about The Importance Of Psychology As A Discipline

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While there are some psychologists (metatheoretical psychologists) that focus on the process of theorising itself, most psychologists of other subdivisions do not engage in theoretical research at all. Empirical facts are understood in the light of a specific theory, and theory is built from a careful consideration of the facts. Indeed, theory and research are so intertwined that neither can exist without the other, and both are requirements if we are to see psychology as a discipline flourish (Sandin, 2006).
While this is generally accepted as truth, the actual practice of science is rather different. Within the psychological paradigm, a scholar presenting a research proposal is required to describe a specific and rigorous research methodology. However, they need not to present any justification for the theory. This points to a vast gap in the literature and the discipline as theory and practice are (or should be) closely interrelated. The advancement of psychology is hindered by the limitations of either.
While psychology seems to be flourishing in its areas of scientific methods and experimental research, it would seem that contemporary psychology and psychologists seem to be focusing solely on these areas alone, without exploring the theoretical perspectives or philosophical underpinnings of the discipline. This has hindered the advancement of psychology and continues to cause issues about missing what we are trying to understand when we engage in psychological study.…

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