The Importance Of Reading And Writing For English Class Essay

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How come literacy has such importance put upon yet there are still quite of few people I know that hate it? I personally have always hated to read and write, it was never my strong suit. Although I still received good grades in English classes for the most part throughout high school it never was enjoyable. English was my second language that I learned rather quickly. Throughout elementary, middle and high school I disliked every English related class all throughout my education. Even though I did not like reading and writing there have been exceptions where I did enjoy literacy related things throughout my life. Despising reading and writing does not mean one cannot excel at it or at least enjoy it once in a while. The journey started off as I first entered Kindergarten. First off, being a child that was not born in the United States I did not know a lick of English. I was put into the ESL program (English as a Second Language) at the school. While being taught English at school I was also taught at home by family. My uncle and aunt helped me the most because they put the most emphasis on how important school is. This made sense considering they were both worked at colleges. In school however I always felt left out since I was one of the odd ones out for not knowing English. This drove me to learn the language, which I did so rather quickly to be able to fit in with the other children. Not only did I learn fast but I learned well enough to be put into more advanced…

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