The Importance Of Variation For Continuity Of A Race Essay

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There are several species on the earth and each species has its unique characteristics. Even within a species, there exists noticeable variation. Variety is the essence of nature. Confining this article to humans, it can be seen that all human beings are similar to a great extent but there are also different from each other to a significant extent. The variation among individuals is due the genetic make up. With an exception of monozygotic twins, no two individuals in the world are identical. This is due to the difference in their genetic constitution. A volume of 3ml of semen contains around 400, 000 sperms and the beauty is that, no two sperms are alike. Irrespective of male of female gender, the surprising fact that no two gametes produced in an individual are alike, explains the importance of variation for successful continuity of a race.
The differ¬ences in genetic make-up of individuals is brought about by variation in the nucleotide sequences of the DNA. The nucleotides which are a combination of either of the four nitrogenous bases, a sugar residue and a phosphate group, can rearrange themselves in different ways to bring about a recognizable change in the final product (which is a protein). This formed the basis of the aim of scientists to study and map the human genome. With the progress of science and technology, new techniques of genetic engineering facilitated this study wherein, isolation and cloning of fragments of DNA became feasible. This was further…

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