Essay about The Internet 's Impact On Retailers And Consumers

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The Internet has had a significant impact on retailers and consumers. Not since the advent of the shopping mall has there been such a catalyst on the way retailers have operated and consumers have shopped. It has given consumers access to vast amounts of information at their fingertips when making buying decisions. The Internet provides seemingly unlimited product offerings, comparative pricing information, detailed product information, customer reviews and a variety of shopping experiences. A new retail vernacular has been created in response to the Internet: on-line merchants, B2C, show rooming, e-tailers, and brick & mortar among many others. However for some traditional retailers this development has hurt their businesses. Borders, Radio Shack and Circuit City come to mind as extreme examples. Others have embraced, albeit some quite reluctantly, the new ways of marketing, reaching and communicating their customers. And a new category of retailers, the online merchants, has been created with Amazon serving as a glaring example of the Internet’s potential in retail. In this paper I discuss how not only the Internet, but also the development of technology, has affected the shopping experience.
The Internet
Computer and network technology over the past thirty years has constantly and rapidly changed and improved. A key factor in its impact on retail has been the development of access to the vast amounts of information that is now available to consumers. Some statistics…

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