The Is The Right Human Term Date? Essay

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“Stop fussing or I am never going to get this last pin in your hair.” Tyre mumbled as she tugged at Ravens black locks. Raven glared at her through the bathroom mirror and rolled her eyes. She didn 't understand what was so important about tonight that she had to sit through two hours of her best friend trying to force her naturally straight hair into a cascade of curls and hair pins.

“Ty, We are just going to go check on the outcasts. It 's not a date. That is the right human term-date?”

Tyri met Raven 's eyes in the mirror and nodded. “Maybe not but anytime you are on Hayden 's arm you should look like the eye candy they expect not the warrior you are.”

“Who cares what I look like? Its a bunch of orphans, for crying out loud. They will be much more interested in the toys, clothes and computers we are delivering than they will be my hair.”

“They will yes, but the society page will be interested in your hair and which designer your wearing.” Tyri pointed out as she stepped back to admire her work. “Just don 't damage it putting the dress on and we should be fine.”

“Show me the dress. I don 't know how I let you and Tenyane talk me into this but show me the dress.” Raven watched her friend move through the bathroom that was bigger than some of those tiny houses she 'd seen on that show, Jason liked to watch. What was it called again... Tiny House Nation? She let her thoughts drift away from her as she turned back to the mirror and waited.

“I don 't even look…

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