The Issue Of Fetal Rights Essay

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Fetal Rights
The rising number of abortions in the United States and worldwide have created many disputes on whether aborting is ethically and lawfully acceptable. In the United States, there was 1.2 million abortions done in the year of 2008 (Are you in the know, n.d). There were about 42 million abortions worldwide (Are you, n.d). Many have different positions in the controversy. The topic about the rights of the fetus has become such a heated controversy due to the different belief system involving the science and biological development of the fetus, religion, and the laws.
The fetus develops different organs and body parts during each month for 9 months that may either protect or be a drawback to the fetus. This may be a factor in the mother’s position to abort or continue with the conception.
During the first month of fetal development, the baby’s face and neck are the first to form while the heart and blood vessel are not fully developed yet (Brennan, 2014). The baby can be aborted if the mother knows that she is pregnant.
In two months, the baby has formed eyelids, ears, nose, arms, and legs are well developed enough to be clearly distinguished through an ultrasound (In the Womb, 2005). However the fingers and toes will continue to form until it is more prominent. This is the month when most mothers find out they are pregnant and if the mother pleases, it is okay to abort the baby.
On the third month, the baby is about two inches long and is able to move around…

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