The Issue Of Global Human Rights Essay

1537 Words Jan 21st, 2016 null Page
The topic concerning global human rights has served as a spark, initiating many instances of heated debate and provoking great controversy. While many episodes of insufficient progress are often portrayed in the media and other informational platforms; there are actually a great deal more successes eluding the majority of the world’s population in regards to securing human rights. Specifically, the international community is, in fact, making substantial leaps in the right direction toward the immense feat that is securing rights for every human walking the Earth. The Amnesty International Report of 2014/15 correctly reveals occurrences of violations of human rights, while also making it apparent that the international community is virtually silent to such infringements on people’s rights. This report does bring to light various solutions to human rights issues the world is facing today, issues that need to be acknowledged and dealt with accordingly and timely.
It is imperative to recognize and identify with certain schools of thought, while also acknowledging the differences surrounding each. Natural law and positivism are ideas that, more often than not, clash in ideas and beliefs. First, natural laws are believed to be God given laws, where on the other hand, positive laws are viewed as man made. Second, natural laws are universally accepted and practiced unlike those of positivism, only applicable to a specific geographic territory governed by one body. Finally, natural…

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