Essay about The Issue Of Reproductive Rights

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Nationally, Texas has the third highest teenage pregnancy rate for girls between 15-19 years of age (Kost & Henshaw, 2014). Though both national and state trends show a decline in the number of teen pregnancies in the last 10 years, more efforts focused on reducing these numbers is still needed. Policy makers in Texas however need to aggressively address these matters.

The topic of reproductive rights surrounding women in Texas is a controversial issue since the closing of many reproductive centers across the state with the state bill HB 2 from the 83rd Texas Legislative session in 2013. This bill caused damaging abortion restrictions to pass, encroaching further on women’s reproductive rights even more by decreasing access to abortion care. Texas’ 84th Legislature passed HB 3994 as a law on July 8 of this year. An additional bill, HB 90, which would lower the age condition to be eligible for the Texas Women’s Health program from 18 to15, was referred to the Texas House of Public Heath but received no hearing. Both HB 3994 and HB 90 are influential in regards to the social welfare policy of Texas.

The purpose of this brief is to outline how these bills have an effect on the welfare of minor’s reproductive rights and their rights to medical access, leading to an increase in the number of unintended pregnancy many of whom have an increased risk to experience variety of negative social outcomes. Texas’ support towards HB 3994 and the dismissal of HB 90, along with the…

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