The Issue Of Security Issues Essay

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When looking at Security issues it is easy to forget that some issues are more important than others are for a country and that those issues differ for each country. A Security issue that is important for Finland may not be as important to Ukraine and vice versa. We also forget sometimes that it is hard to account for everything. That there are certain security issues that are a problem for the entire international system. What issue is the hardest for actors to address in the system? What issues are the least important? We have to ask ourselves these questions when we study security and the answers vary depending on the viewpoint of each State.
The hardest issue for actors in the system to address is terrorism. One of the reasons that it is such a hard issue to address is because of the different definitions and concepts people give terrorism. In the past, as Brenda Lutz and James Lutz said in the article on terrorism in our textbook, terrorist groups would rely on one of the great powers for support whereas now they rely on the security network they have set up and created for themselves (Collins, pg. 274) . This makes the terrorist groups harder to find and harder to deal with as a collective group for all actors. Therefore, the consequence is that all actors are affected. All actors become susceptible to terrorist attacks. In addition, many States face the problem currently of citizens leaving their state to travel to another to join a terrorist group. Especially…

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