The Issues Of Healthcare Companies Should Provide Transgender Related And Gender Based Coverage

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Healthcare has never been easy to obtain, and on the news it is constantly being discussed. Millions of Americans lack the benefit of health insurance because they cannot afford it. When a person is sick, injured or has unpaid medical expenses it is a relief to have coverage. Healthcare is supposed to be a natural birthright, but what happens when it is out of reach because healthcare companies do not understand that specific surgeries and other treatments are of medical importance? In addition, transgender people face harassment and discrimination from healthcare companies leaving them without health coverage. In a study, “nineteen percent (19%) had been refused treatment [completely] by a doctor or other provider because of their transgender…” (Grant et al. 73). It may appear small, but it increases when race is a factor. Healthcare companies should provide transgender-related and gender-based coverage. Gender binary is one reason why healthcare companies struggle to give gender-based coverage. Gender binarism is a system that classifies gender and sex. Trans people were either a man or a woman at birth. There are certain diseases that are more common in that gender than others, and it is of no fault to them. Although, health insurance companies’ unwillingness to cover transition-related care, they should still cover non-transition related care. Yet, companies are refusing to cover those costs. A trans man was denied coverage by health insurance after he had developed…

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