The Journey Of Cultural Practices Essay

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The Journey of Cultural Practices in End of Life Care Initiative administrative roles and responsibilities will include the development of realistic and obtainable outcomes through the means of a community needs assessment for cohesive integration to end of life care services for culturally diverse community members. Both the Ottawa Charter tenants and those with the UNE SSW vision, identify the need for reorienting the current practices that block health and well-being promotion, are socially unjust, disregard cultural diversity, and as disregard health and well-being as a human right not a privilege, as confirmed by the practice of evidence-based research that increases the overall knowledge in the field of social work, now aiding in current practical endeavors for justice for all.
1. The programs’ vision, mission, outcomes and future impact will be identified by the initiative’s key six stakeholders representing a wide sector of the community along with the program supervisor, and community action planning team, who will build upon the following administrative skills; o Obtain heightened knowledge of the fundamental conditions of the in-person environment of the targeted population and lack of resources that currently exploit barriers to diverse populations blocking quality end of life care.

o Secure a sustainable foundation, including the need to advocate for community voices, involvement and action that promote collaboration amongst joining organization recognizing…

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