The Labor Market And Use Their Skills And Receive The Same Pay As Their Male Counterparts

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the labor market and use their skills and receive the same pay as their male counterparts. Additionally, they will have to worry about the cost of childcare and set alarm for a less paying job because of their situation. There needs to be policy changes in order for the gender gap to be narrowed, and ultimately closed. The two areas where there needs to be a focus on is an office in the government that deal specifically with the gender wage gap, and implementations of taxes. The company Walmart was hit with a class action lawsuits, in the city of San Francisco in 2001 (Walmart, 2012). This lawsuit consisted of 6 women that work for Walmart, and they felt that they were not receiving fair treatment when it pertain to mobility with Inn the company, particular job requirements, and a wage disparity (Walmart, 2012). By the time the case went to the Supreme Court, the amount of people grew to 1.5 million women throughout the United States. The Supreme Court did accept to review the case, but finally ended up throwing it out. It should be noted, by the Supreme Court throwing out this case, this is one of the largest cases in the American history be to be thrown out by the Supreme Court (Liptak, 2011). The Supreme Court says there was no continuity within the reasons of the case. The Supreme Court suggested that each individual within the case, had different reasoning’s and situations. For these reasons, the Supreme Court couldn 't find Walmart to be discriminated against…

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