The Last Summer, Directed And Produced A Short Experimental Film Back Home

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Sheltered Last summer, I directed and produced a short experimental film back home in a small town in Southwest China called “Eat Me.” “What is an experimental film?” my family and friends always asked me. I came to the United States when I was thirteen as a sophomore in a private Christian high school in suburb Chicago, and that is where I discovered my passion in filmmaking. However, by that time, I still had no idea what experimental films were all about. I was making films in an extremely sheltered environment, but I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to create something more extreme and more conceptual. Then I moved to New York City, and I encountered this art form that caught my attention at the first sight. Then, I started to study experimental films on my own and have successfully directed and produced my experimental shorts “PG-13” and “Eat Me”, and produced an advanced experimental short “Girls From South Sea.” Currently I am producing another intermediate experimental short “Fish Bone”. Experimental films’ uniqueness, symbolism, the emphasis on audience’s experience, and its artistic value attract me deeply. However, as a producer, I did realize the balance between art and commerce is not established well enough to bring this genre to a broader audience; therefore, one of my career objectives is to produce experimental films that can be brought to screens all over the world while containing its characteristics. A movie theater is a plane. The director takes you…

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