The Laws Divide And Demean By Warren J. Blumenfeld Essay examples

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The article “English Only” Laws divide and Demean by Warren J. Blumenfeld states the author’s view against enacting a law making English the official language of the federal government. Mr. Blumenfeld’s premise in "English Only" is that the law is unnecessary and divisive in the United States. He is seeking a call to action in his home state of Iowa against the “English-only” law because he believes that it will negatively impact the beliefs that our nation is founded upon, rather than celebrate and promote our uniqueness as a nation of people from different cultures seeking the freedom to be individuals. He is an opponent of this law since he believes it has the potential to create prejudice and discrimination toward our citizens because they speak a different language. From the title of his article the mood or the feeling for the reader is one of negativity toward an "English Only" law. His goal is to persuade the citizens of Iowa to repeal this law. Throughout the article, Blumenfeld makes a compelling argument for America’s need for a multilingual and a multicultural society. He attempts to use logos to demonstrate how many of the governing documents of modern society support the idea of embracing a country with many cultures and languages. Pathos is used to appeal to modern societies belief that prejudice and intolerance should not be allowed. He uses ethos in an attempt to obtain credibility by first citing to the proponents of the English only law in order to…

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