The Legacy Of The Freedom Riders Essay

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Imagine living in a world full of judgment; living with no control or freedom. A world full of critics and ambition. Take a second to think what it would be like. Thought about it now? Segregation and equality was a tough thing not to follow in the year of 1961. Eventually this world became an era were segregation was encouraged and equality did not involve much importance. Throughout the struggle the world became a world filled with arrogance, cruelty, and ambition. Within this era there were many causes that lead to the creation of the freedom riders, but one for once can strictly state cruelty, arrogance, and ambition were three major causes that later lead to the reaction of the freedom riders. Freedom riders participated and played a major role in many activist lives, and they certainly did get a whole lot of jobs done for many fellow Americans. Till this day their jobs are knowns as a job well done. Their accomplishments are certainly greatly appreciated and are always admired and recognized for such a well done job.
For starters, in 1961, civil rights activists rode on buses. Throughout the time being these people were considered “freedom riders”. Segregation and equality was obviously something common in the age and the right to drink from a white’s water fountain was no longer an option for the black people. The lives of many white citizens also changed drastically many whites who obviously had some morals and respect towards the black people certainly went out of…

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