The Legal And Moral Responsibilities Of The United States Essay

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Under the U.S. Constitution, individuals who are sent to prisons are entitled to certain rights and liberties. Incarcerated individuals are guaranteed the rights to sustain a reasonable way of life. Some of the familiar rights afford to these incarcerated individuals include free from cruel and unusual punishments, access to the court, voices complaint about prison conditions, practice of free speech, press, and religion, free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Even though not stated explicitly incarcerated individuals have the right to receive medical care and mental health treatment guaranteed under the Eight Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court determined “it is but just [righteous] that the public be required to care for the prisoner, who cannot, by reasonable of the deprivation of his liberty, care for himself (Cripes, 2013)”. This paper discusses the legal and moral consideration in respect to health care in the prison system.
A survey found the United States has a higher incarcerated population than any other country in the world. The National Institutes of Health study uncover that 40 percent of all inmates reported at least one serious chronic medical condition. Almost 25 percent of the incarcerated population was diagnosed with mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. The rate of diabetes among incarcerated individual almost doubles compared to the same age groups of the civilian population. Similarly, the U.S.…

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