The Legal System Of United States Essay

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The legal system of United States is composed of two different laws when it involving law litigation, which are civil and criminal. Civil laws, according to Melvin (2011), “are designed to compensate parties for losses as a result of another’s conduct” (Melvin, 2011, p. 18). Criminal law, on the other hand, is a set of rules and regulations that define behaviors prohibited by the government, in which it protects the safety of society.
One of the essential differences between civil and criminal law is in the punishment. For example, a man goes to a bank. He points his gun at a bank teller and yelling on the teller to put the money in a bag. Then, he runs off with the bag of money. This is a bank robbery, is an example of crime. It will be prosecuted by the government, and will result in a punishment of kept in captivity. In some serious case, the punishment can be a death penalty.
In contrast, a defendant is not incarcerated in civil litigation. People or business seeks a prize of compensation for their dispute. For example, an American oil company sues a country government of Middle Eastern for $50 billion for a breach of contract. If the court believes the defendant causes the plaintiff’s injury, the defendant will be held responsible for the injury that occurred from breach of contract.
Substantive Law is an aspect of the legal system that creates, defines, and regulates the duties, liabilities, and rights of the legal entities (Business Dictionary, 2012).…

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